Boxes and Lids - Transparent PVC

Four Corner Glued boxes and lids, or lids alone, are supplied fully made up and generally take up large volumes for shipment and storage.

Self Erecting Boxes and Lids have a locking feature in each corner to enable you to assemble them only as you need them. They are supplied in flat form.

Slip Lips are supplied in flat form for you to fold up and insert into fixed carton board or corrugated boxes or trays as you need.

Corrugated/Board with PVC Lids. We also provide a full mixed material pack. If you require a corrugated or carton board box or tray with a PVC Lid then we can make these and thus ensure all parts fit together correctly.

Plinths/Inserts. Internal fitting Plinths can be supplied in plain or printed card or in PVC to suit your requirements. They can be supplied either in flat form for you to insert as you need, or they can be inserted into the box for you.

PVC Packs can be Decorated by Screen Printing or by Hot Foil Blocking. Small Boxes can have Euro Hook Tabs incorporated into the base to allow Hanging Display at point of sale.

We have many more sizes of boxes and lids plus a wide range styles and sizes of fold flat cartons. Prices for these are available on application. If we do not have something to suit your immediate requirement then we can design and manufacture a new pack specifically for you. Please Contact Us to confirm prices.

Download our catalogue of pre-sized boxes, lids and cartons → Transparent-Box-Catalogue-2016


Size List For Existing Boxes and Lids – Transparent PVC

Please Contact Us to confirm pricing and delivery. Prices are negotiable for higher quantities.

Made Up Boxes



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